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400187 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA
Str. Gorunului, nr.2, Bl. C6, sc. I, ap. 2.
Tel./Fax: 0264-439 255


Design and consultancy in electroenergetic field

  • Interior electrical installations for civil and industrial construction, overhead or underground connections at 0.4 kV voltage (ANRE certified, type Bp);
  • 0.4 to 110 kV overhead power lines or cable power lines, and transformer substations ( ANRE certified, type C1B);
  • 110 and 400 kV overhead power lines, 110 and 220 kV cable power lines (ANRE certified, type D1);
  • Design of electrical substation (ANRE certified, type E1).

We prepare documentation for all stages of design:

  • Preliminary studies consulting and solution studies for connection to the National Power Grid to new consumers/producers;
  • Consultancy and technical assistance for obtaining ATR (Technical approval for connection) and CR (Connection agreement);
  • Coexistence studies of electrical installations with different targets;
  • Technological risk analysis.
  • Prefeasibility studies(SPF);
  • Feasibility study(SF);
  • Technical Project (PT);
  • Specification;
  • Building permit documentation(DTAC);
  • Execution details(DE);
  • As-built documentation.

Checking electrical projects for electrical installations connected to the National Power Grid by the MEC and MLPAT "project verifiers"

Within our company are working project verifiers authorized by MEC according to the LAW 440/2002 and OG no. 95/1999, for assembly work, equipment and industrial technological installations. In addition our company has agreements with authorized specialists for MLPAT checking according to LAW 50/1991, amended by no. 453/2001 for construction work and related installations.

Obtaining legal opinions and agreements and building permits

Our company prepares documentations for obtaining planning certificates, permits / legal agreements and technical documentation for construction permits relating to designed installations.

Our specialists will support the elaborated documentation at all the approval stages by the beneficiaries, distribution operators and transmission and system operator (Transelectrica S.A.).

Technical assistance

We provide technical assistance for the purchase of equipment, its installation and the checking of the complete work.

Audits and energy efficiency studies

We prepare energy audits for electricity users, recommending also the most adequate efficiency measures.

Other services

We provide complete services for works of architecture, resistance, topographic measurements 70 Coordinate STEREO, technical expertise and geotechnical studies for electrical installations.

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