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400187 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA
Str. Gorunului, nr.2, Bl. C6, sc. I, ap. 2.
Tel./Fax: 0264-439 255


Our desire is to recruit, train and retain the best engineers, providing in this way a professional team, ready to face any challenge.

Values we believe are vital for creating and keeping long-term relationships for a respected, sustainable and successful company.

The benefits we offer to our employee's reflect their skills, qualifications and acquired experience and their efforts to achieve the company's objectives.

We are a company which is continuing to develop, collaboration with specialists having experience in designing electrical networks, and training young engineers who are dynamic, rigorous, innovative, full of initiative and balanced.

For details and additional information on job vacancies and applications, please contact us by e-mail: and send us your CV.